Spring 2020 Newsletter

Chairman’s message
Jackie Arnot

Report on evening meetings to date

Report on outing to Wakehurst Place, 12 October 2019
Al Arnot

Actions speak louder than words
Shirley Deering

From our President
David Simmonds

Chairman’s message
Jackie Arnot

Colourful jigsaw pieces

I need to begin by thanking everyone who worked so hard to make our stall in the Cathedral Market such a success. Olive and Thelma knitted all year to raise £824 and even at the end of the day there were folk arriving to buy the chorister mice, when we’d sold out by coffee time! Laurie’s preserves proved as popular as ever and the plants and Bric-a-Brac all swelled the end result to a marvellous £1,188.60. This is our main money-raising event for the NT, so if you supported it thank you so much. 2020 seems to be galloping along at a pace! Paul has our outings planned, and finds that some properties no longer welcome coaches at the weekends, hence some will now be mid-week which will make parking in Coval Lane difficult and we’ll all have to think of ways round that!

“Thank You” letters from the properties we have supported through the year will again be available at the AGM and the amounts will appear in our accounts.

The Committee have been working on new ways to publicise our Supporters Group as we still find folk who say “I’ve been a NT member for years but didn’t know Chelmsford had a group.” There are now notices about our events on most of the Boards around the City but if any of you could take one to a venue you know of please ask for one from our President, David.

Most of our meetings have been well attended and we again ask that if you know of a speaker you have enjoyed please let us know; some of next year’s speakers have been recommended by our members. I remember when Janet Chaplin said that our group reminded her of a jigsaw puzzle. The corners were the officers, edge bits were the committee and regular helpers, but to get the full picture we need to have the “wiggly bits” and that is all of you! So we really do need your support at meetings, outings and events to make sure our 2020 picture is complete.

Pat Tate is still awaiting your proposal for Chairman to arrive; her phone number and address are on your Membership Card.

It only remains for me to thank the Committee who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure our group functions seamlessly and not forgetting Keith Otter our webmaster.. They (like all of you) are a great bunch and I am very grateful.

Best wishes

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