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Chairman’s message
Chris Bellamy

Letter to NT Director General and Trustees

Director General’s reply
Hilary McGrady

Do you like asking questions?
David Simmonds

Newsletter Editor’s note
Paul Chaplin

Return of deposits
Paul Chaplin

The Unmasked Raiders
Shirley Deering

A Dip in the Economy
Shirley Deering

A Dip in the Economy
Shirley Deering

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Pile of coins

“Hi, Darren. How are you coping with the lock down?”

“Not well, Sam. The place is like a ghost town, all the restaurants and theatres closed, streets almost deserted, the few people who are about looking at each other with suspicion. I was coming up behind a fellow yesterday when he suddenly became aware of me and darted straight across the road. Nearly got run over but seemed to think that was the better option.”

“I’m guessing this situation is having a serious impact on your income?”

“Abysmal, Sam. Only took home twenty quid last week. I’ve even started to scrutinise the pavements for dropped coins but I’ve only picked up five pence.”

“Darren, that’s really tough. I’ve heard the government is introducing measures to support the self-employed, why don’t you see if you can get some help?

“Tried it, Sam, useless. They just say there is no eligible category for pickpockets.”