Spring 2021 Newsletter

Chairman’s message
Chris Bellamy

Editor’s comments
Paul Chaplin

Note from the President
David Simmonds

From Pam Swaby

Keeping up a reputation
Shirley Deering

Editor’s comments
Paul Chaplin

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This is a much larger Newsletter than usual mainly because the meeting reports are in more detail particularly for those members not able to Zoom. First of all, I would recommend listening to Jackie and Chris on the link in the chairman’s message.

Congratulations to member Val Chiswell on her 80th Birthday charity parachute jump, and to Pam Swaby on receiving her BEM medal in the New Year Honours. We have also included an article about Pam Swaby BEM for her community work in Chelmsford as I thought readers would find it most interesting.

I am sorry the Newsletter is later than usual but I have been waiting for confirmation of the outing dates which has been slow due to Covid19. As usual in the printed Spring Newsletter there is the outing information and booking form on the last page.

I hope you enjoy reading this edition of the Newsletter either on the screen or printing it out first. If you do print it out please feel free to give it to a friend, relative or neighbour for them to read.

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