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Chris Bellamy

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Paul Chaplin

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David Simmonds

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Shirley Deering

Note from the President
David Simmonds

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A blurred note

In our Autumn Newsletter, I wrote a piece Do you like asking Questions? to encourage participation in the Trust’s national members’ broadcast last November.

The Trust plans to hold an AGM this year on Saturday, 30 October 2021, although, of course, its format will depend on any Covoid-19 restrictions in force at the time. The Trust’s AGM provides an opportunity for members, like you, to hear from and question the Trust’s senior staff and trustees. Resolutions put forward by 50+ members are debated and voted upon, although charity law means that they are not binding on the trustees.

There will also be an election for members of Council, which appoints and advises the Trustees. Further information is on the Trust’s website and I would be happy to talk to anyone about the meeting.

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