Autumn 2019 Newsletter

Chairman’s message
Jackie Arnot

Jigsaws for Hatfield Forest
David Simmonds

A desirable residence - with hidden extras
Shirley Deering

Chelmsford Christmas Market

Chairman’s message
Jackie Arnot

Colourful jigsaw pieces

What a very strange Summer we have been having, either pouring with rain so unable to garden or blistering hot with a ditto result! But I hope you have all been able to have a restful break one way or another.

We have, yet again, had some successful outings and I would like to thank Paul and Janet Chaplin for their diligent planning and “recces” which make our trips so enjoyable. As I write we are eagerly anticipating our holiday to York, whatever the weather! I would also like to thank David and his wife Winifred for arranging his President’s Event in May, at Hatfield Forest, where members were especially delighted to see the sheepdog Selina once more and watch her demonstrating her skills. It was an informative and enjoyable afternoon.

The Eastern Region of the NT will be holding the Chairman and Secretary’s Meeting soon and this year it will be held at Ickworth where, you will remember, that over the years we have been very supportive with our gifts. Our Regional Director Paul Forecast will again be leading this event. He is due to be the speaker at our AGM in February, promising to give us an update on the work of the National Trust in our area.

You will notice that our Jigsaw Lending Library has disappeared from the front of the Cramphorn Theatre as its use had gradually diminished. However not all was lost! Our President volunteers at Hatfield Forest and this year, to raise funds for the NT, the staff decided to set up a stall selling Books and Jigsaw Puzzles. So I gave David one of our bags full of puzzles and they were thrilled when most of them sold on day one. During the Summer I have been drip-feeding the rest. This is something we can continue, so if you still have some to return or have some of your own to pass on we will make sure they help the fundraising in a slightly different way. If you still prefer that they should go into our fund-raising pot we could put them on our stall at the Christmas Market at the Cathedral on Saturday 7 December - a date I hope you all have in your diaries as this is our main money raiser of the year and is a thoroughly enjoyable occasion.

We all owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the Committee who work through the year to ensure that our plans run seamlessly, joined this year by new members Chris Bellamy and Sue Almond. They are supported by Eileen who faithfully runs our book stall throughout the year. Laurie Boyall continues to make preserves together with Thelma and Olive who are still busily knitting, all of them working for our stall at the Christmas Market. We must also thank Keith Otter who watches over the Home Page on the computer* (these last 3 “helps” quite beyond me!).

( *Jackie means this website. Thanks for the acknowledgement, Jackie, but I look after more than the Home Page! - Webmaster)

I would like to thank you all for supporting our National Trust Supporters Group so faithfully and ask you to remember that you will be needing a new Chairman for February’s AGM. Please be thinking about this. I will willingly give that person any help I can, and I promise you that the job is great fun.

We have a selection of interesting talks ahead of us, all recommended by members or friends and I’m looking forward to the new season; feel free to bring a friend to check us out!

Best wishes

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