Autumn 2018 Newsletter

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Chairman’s messageJackie Arnot

A broad river crossed by a brick bridge with a white stately home beyond

What amazing weather we have been blessed with this summer, although our gardens have suffered, together with some of us! I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who found the heat a trifle tiring!

All our outings have been successful & it was reassuring to find that our own gardens were not the only ones suffering from the lack of rain! As I write we only have the outing to Wimpole to complete and I'm hoping to find some of the trees which our group has provided over the years.

At this point I would like to thank Paul Chaplin for all the work he and Janet put into planning our trips and the holiday. Our President David Simmonds and his wife Winifred know the Tiverton area well and were able to be supportive on the holiday; we packed so much in that some of us needed a week to recover!

The Chairmen’s Meeting will take place this Autumn at Sutton Hoo where a lot of work is being undertaken in readiness for next summer and we hope to include an outing to see the improvements, some of which we have helped to fund. It will be interesting to see the differences our new Director General Hilary McGrady is making as, unlike her two predecessors, she has worked for the Trust for 12 years before her appointment and she has promised to have a “listening ear’. Our Regional Director Paul Forecast will be leading this event and I will hope to give you an up-date. Our thanks must go to David for arranging the President’s Event at Paycocke’s in May which those attending very much enjoyed.

As a Supporter Group we owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the Committee for all the work they do through the year to make sure our plans run smoothly and also to Keith Otter for watching over our website (You’e welcome!), Thelma and Olive who are busily knitting for our stall at the Christmas Market in the Cathedral, together with Laurie who is making chutneys and marmalade for the same stall. PLEASE will you put the date in your diary and support their hard work?

As I mentioned at the AGM I will be standing down as Chairman in March. Like most of the Committee I am well outside my length of time in the Office and we need new Committee members with fresh ideas to continue to keep our group thriving and lively. If you feel you might be able to join the group please consider a trial year. Your NT Group needs you!

Best wishes

Limericks for a driverLaurie Boyall and others

Limerick written in honour of Marc, the driver on the 2018 group holiday. I’m sure he was not really a skiver - but it does rhyme. Webmaster.

There was a young driver from Kings
A modern coach in Kings Tours liveryWho told us some wonderful things?
His jokes and his smiles
Made light of the miles
Though only his mirrors had wings.

Kings Coaches provided a driver,
A shame that he turned out a skiver
At each stop we made
He sat in the shade
And read books on Lady Godiva.

Straight from the horse’s mouthShirley Deering

But you can never be certain of getting the true facts, even when they seem to come from an utterly reliable source.

“Joe, what’s wrong? You’re as white as a sheet.”

“I’ve just had a terrible shock.”

“Tell me about it.”

“You wouldn’t believe me.”

“Try me.”

Two carthorses behind a wire fence“Well, you know the horse we’ve just bought, for giving visitors open carriage rides round the grounds of Beechlea Hall?”

“Summer Gold? Yes, what about him?”

“I was in the stable just now and I heard a voice say ‘This is a come-down’. I looked all around, even went up to the hay loft, but there was definitely no-one in the stable. Then I heard the voice again. ‘Never thought I’d be reduced to this’. I thought there must be someone outside, so I went out in the stable yard and searched everywhere but couldn’t find any sign of anybody, so I went back into Summer Gold’s stable.

“‘It seems I’ve started to hear voices – unless, of course, you are able to talk’ I said, jokingly, to the horse.

“‘Oh yes, I’m able to talk and I’m fed up’ said Summer Gold. ‘Do you realise I was once a highly acclaimed race horse? I mingled with the cream of the aristocracy and, yes, even royalty. Now I’m reduced to dragging cart-loads of common people round the grounds of a once-lordly estate. And to think that, five years ago to-day, I won the Derby.’”

“Joe, that’s a load of rubbish.”

“See, I knew you wouldn’t believe me.”

“Well of course not. I happen to know he only came second!”

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